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Digital solutions that get  you back to "the fun stuff"

You started your business because of a passion.

My job? Get you back to doing what you do best.



I'm Emily

The (human) face behind Fledge Design

I'm a mom, wife, equestrian and actress, to name a few of my titles. I've been designing graphics and websites since sometime around 2001, when my only program was Paint (yikes). Thankfully technology has improved over the years, and I have discovered a joy in helping others develop their visual presence - both online and materially.


I have an extensive background in online administration, and recently discovered a passion in developing operations strategies within small businesses! Combining those with my design skills, I've been able to support smaller-scale teams in building some really cool solutions.

You may be a

You may be a

Desktop Workspace


start-up or old pro

Non-profit, charity, pop-up organization

Blogger, personal promoter


Insert your description here!

I'll provide you with


A fresh, modern website built and/or managed


Marketing & promotional materials designed for your unique brand


A relevant social media presence to get your brand seen



I have been privileged to work for both large corporations as well as small businesses, and I have helped launch (and improve!) a number of small businesses/non-profits, so you are in the good hands of someone who has a wide experience of business levels. I love the excitement of start-ups and the passion behind "small" businesses. Being involved in the early, fledgling stages of a new company and helping you develop a strong foundation is what I look forward to the most.


Even if you've had your brand around for a while, I want to help you get a fresh, exciting start! I'll use my skills to free up you to use yours, so you can get back to the reason you started your brand in the first place.

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